How Can I Prevent My Hardwood Floors from Fading Over Time?

One of the greatest things about hardwood floors is that the deep, rich colors. Hardwood floors can transform any space into an inviting and luxurious space with these stunning colours, which is why you don't want your flooring to fade. To learn ways to stop your hardwood flooring from fading over time, just read on.

Hardwood floors are likely made from wood. Since the wood is natural, it is more likely to aging. Bear this in mind when you buy the floor for your home.

There are two chief reasons why hardwood floors fade. One of these reasons is exposure to sun and the other is applied stains and finishes. Sunlight is known to fade the colour of timber with exposure with time. If you want to block your floors from evaporating, minimize your floor's exposure to natural sunlight. 1 means to do so is covering your windows with treatments. Consider blinds, shutters, or curtains that you can easily open and shut. You can even place rugs in your floor to reduce their vulnerability to light from sunlight.

Many hardwood flooring includes a stain or finish, though other flooring options allow you to pick. Whether you are buying pre-stained flooring or selecting a custom blot, keep a few things in mind to avoid fading. 1 thing to notice is that oil based finishes bring out rich colours in flooring, but oil causes hardwood to yellow over time. Many people today enjoy the amber tones of their floors once the oil finishes fade , but others do not. Another finish option is water-based finishes. With water foundations, the end is clear that the entire time which prevents heavy fading and keeps the wood's natural colour for as long as you can.

Now that you know how to prevent hardwood flooring from evaporating, you're ready to shop for your dream flooring. Visit to find the perfect service floor for your home now!